The country of Kilshaea is located on the northern portion of the continent of Ereshol. Bordered by Yeuthora to the east, Pangao to the south, Aika Toresh to the southwest, and the wildlands controlled by the dwarves to the west.

Major Cities


   The capital of Kilshaea, Worhoden is a very large city that most would almost consider old-fashioned. Due to the constant cold temperatures almost year-round, most dwellings are large, well insulated wooden huts. Despite their simple, traditional look on the outside, the interiors are usually complicated, artistic, and warm. The palace of Worhoden is also made of wood, though most chambers are underground.


   One of the twin cities, facing the Pangaoan capital of Thalos across the River of Blades, Thalon is the second largest city in Kilshaea

People of Interest


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