Known as the largest mining community in Kilshaea, Iolo’s main strength is its many mines, all within a few days journey. It sits in the Kerros valley, nestled in Parabon’s Teeth, just northwest of the twin cities Thalon and Thalos. The town is nearly divided in two due to the rival companies the Ironmarks and Continental Co. owning mining property nearby. Despite the Ironmarks owning only two current mines in the area, one of those is the Vashir mine, the largest (by far) mining operation in the valley. Due to a truce between the companies established in Jaon 1207, they have pooled their knowledge and security forces together for all operations in Kerros Valley.

Important personages

Eliana Serithasha

   Due to an unusual arrangement with the Kilshaean government, Iolo has it’s own separate police force, lead by the Head of Security, Eliana. Starting at age 24, she took over the job from her previous superior, Han Allen, after his disappearance. Despite never being able to solve that mystery, she’s been able to hold together the current forces quite well, now merged together with the Ironmarks’ team since the companies’ truce. Now 33, the half-elf has been instrumental in keeping bandit raids to a minimum and keeping the still dangerous monsters from interfering in the mining operations.

Johb Firethought

   Johb was a recent addition to Iolo’s security forces, and had only been with the Ironmarks for 6 months before the merging of the police as part of the truce. Johb has been fairly satisfied with the arrangement of being second-in-command just under Eliana, possibly because of the rather fast friendship he’s developed with Eliana Serithasha. But the halfling has a much darker reputation. Rumors of all types abound as no one can seem to track down what Johb had been doing before his exodus to Iolo, and the few instances that he’s been personally involved with dangerous scenarios had no survivors besides Johb. Though he comes across as jovial and polite, his reputation has been all that’s been needed to keep his subordinates in line.


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